Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ah, You Little Devil, You....

As you know, I travel a lot. Which means my butt warms plenty of seats (though not simultaneously) in airports. And I do love me some people watching.
As I wait on flights, I survey the people around me. In most airports, the seats are in increments of ten. This ensures that no more than five people will inhabit the entire row, because they leave one empty seat between them and the next person.  Unless, of course, that person is me, and sometimes between my stuff and that of ThatManILove, I can take up three seats.
Because this is how it goes down.
We start out with one seat between us, with his stuff piled in it. And then, I take up the seat to my left, with my stuff piled there. If there is any wait at all, ThatManILove sometimes decides it might be a great opportunity to snag a nap. Oh, wait, here it comes, RIGHT NOW, as I'm typing this!
TMIL: I think I’m going to go to that bank of seats by the wall so I can sit down, lean against the wall, and take a nap.
Me: Oh, really? Okay. Sleep with angels.
TMIL: Ummmm....did you pack my iPod? Is it in your computer bag?
Me: Yes.
TMIL: And my earphones?
Me: Yes.
TMIL: Is it charged up?
Me: Yeah, Babe, here it is.
TMIL: Okay, wake me up when it’s time, okay? (I smile and nod.) And my water? Can you hand it to me?
And on my shoulder, that little she-devil, dressed up in She-Safari camo and carrying this cool Prada purse, laughingly whispers, “You could always say you TRIED to wake him up!”
Naaaaaaah. I’m just not made that way. I just couldn't!

But it would make for some juicy blog fodder, don't ya think??!

She's a Very Naughty Her Mind.


  1. No, but you could pay some old lady $5 to wake him up saying, "Honey, it's time to wake up!"

    Thanks for the follow. Back attcha!

  2. My butt takes up two seats every where.

  3. If you travel so much and warm the seats, could you be at my driveway around 8:15am in the morning. This one doesn't have seat warmers and they are leather! It would really make a difference. And I would even remember you Christmas! Just sayin. . . .

  4. Scope - that's an AWESOME idea! That would freak him out!!
    OFT - Oh, yeah....right. I bet NOT.
    Sharon - yes, ma'am. Just pop me the address, chica. I'll be there. Well, unless you live where it's cold. Remember, I'm a desert chick.


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