Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Brother, Advocate for the Elderly

A 2009 Post

Geoffrey, our little brother in Big Brothers Big Sisters, called Friday night and begged to come stay the weekend.  (He always gets his timing just right!)  I picked him up at Whataburger, where he had just finished a double Whopper with bacon and cheese with his mom and siblings.  We went to meet friends at a new restaurant in town.  
There, Geoff ate another full meal.  While we were there, we also picked up an entree for ThatManILove, who was stuck out in the field and hit the house around 10 p.m.  Whereby, Geoffrey sat down at the table with ThatManILove and finished off his sesame chicken.  The kid is a bottomless pit, I swear.  He cracks me up.
After the hunting field trial yesterday, we stopped by brother Scott’s to see what he would be selling at his auction on Sunday.  An auction house is full of adventure for a 12 year old, just saying.  Geoffrey met all of Scott’s helpers, two of whom are disabled and are on electric scooters due to their ailments.
Geoffrey poked around, asked questions, and generally entertained himself for an hour.  We were about to leave, and he discovered a couple of electric scooters scheduled for auction.  One wasn’t charged - but one was in full operating order.  Geoffrey ran to Scott, and asked permission to ride it, which Scott gave with a grin.
Geoffrey carefully rode around for a while, then  came back to where we were all congregated, and starts talking to Scott’s helpers again.  While doing so, Geoffrey backed the scooter professionally into its original parking space.  Everybody’s watching, and enjoying him.
Geoffrey turns off the scooter, and stands up, grinning like a cheshire cat, and says loudly, “Wow.  Now I know how elderly people have fun.”


  1. Sounds like he had a good weekend.

  2. Geoffrey sounds like a hoot! The "elderly" in the scooter commercials sure look like they're having fun, so maybe Geoffrey is on to something!

  3. OFT - he always has a good weekend. He's the best kiddo around, and has a super disposition! We sure love him.

    Joanie - he is a hoot, for sure! We all cracked up when he said that...


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