Saturday, June 4, 2011

So Shoot Me!!

It’s been another busy week around Casa de Mi Vida Loca!
I’ve been organizing the API Golf Tournament, and today is day two, which will begin in about, oh, 3 hours.  And of course, I can’t sleep!  So, I thought I’d catch up on writing.
I met the sweetest lady, Diana, today on the course!  Someone had told her that I was into photography.  She wanted to talk to me about my photography.  In speaking with her, I knew immediately that her knowledge far exceeded mine.
She looked at a few of my shots, and though I can’t remember the exact wording, her compliment somewhat echoed another of my critics:  you have a beautiful and unusual eye for capturing your subjects.
She told me that she had purchased a Canpn 60D, and forced herself to shoot in manual 24/7.  She absolutely will not shoot in automatic. 
Want to impress ThatJanieGirl?  Shoot entirely in manual, you’ll forever be my hero. My goal in life? To be a light chaser. 
And Diana turned me on to the neatest sites. I’m so excited!  These sites have online photography courses.  I’ve perused these sites this morning, and I promise you, it’s all I can do not to go sign up RIGHT NOW.  But I will wait - until I finish this tournament, do all the banking, do my expenses, make my flight, go take care of business, come home and pack, and go fishing on the Kenai with ThatManILove, and return home.  Then, and only then, will I start my first class, which will be “Understanding Exposure” by Bryant Peterson and Chris Hurtt.  I’m pumped, pumped, I say, people!!

Here are the links:
Diana, it was my pleasure to meet you - and thank you for showing me another avenue into better photography!  

I also have a one-on-one live class scheduled with Charlotte Dameron of 2 Angels Photography and I can't wait to take that one - she is SO talented and she shoots a Canon 5D Mark II just like mine.

And now you know just another thing that makes my world go 'round.  But you probably knew that, oh gentle reader. Because you see the evidence weekly, right?

Speaking of evidence, here's some pix from my latest ladybug release.  (I sound like a professional releaser of ladybugs, don't I? I'm not.  At all. I should change that wording to "my first ladybug release" - because it was.)

I invited little Ava to join me.  She had fun - but only after she realized those black filmy things weren't stingers, but wings.  

Happy trails, y'all!  I'm off to the golf course!


  1. That sounds like a great connection you made there, Mrs Janie Girl!

    Anyone who can shoot manual 24/7 without any assistance it totally my hero. I need all the assistance I can get to ensure solid focus.

    Stay hydrated on that golf course. I can't imagine being on one today. . . even in Indiana!

  2. Manual pictures? You are definitely someone to watch!

  3. Great photos and thank you for the links! I will be going there as soon as I'm able to stand up on my own again. :)

    I can't imagine shooting in manual 24/7. I'm entirely too lazy er busy er no lazy was right to do that. :)

  4. Alas, I shall never impress you. I haven't played golf for 30 years, but I was damn good when I did. As for manual? Automatic isn't good enough for me, but I'll take it any day over manual. I miss more good shots while I'm adjusting the F-stop and checking the light levels.


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