Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em

I received an invitation today from the Islands of the Bahamas.
I should take them up on it.  It's probably legit.  It looks legit.  It even has a Facebook push to it.  But nah...

I’m scared to put my information in the blanks.  I mean, isn't that a form of phishing?  Though I'd love to go fishing in the Bahamas.  For fish, people.  For fish.
Color me chicken.

Speaking of chicken, surely you’ve seen this... blog post - it cracked me up.


  1. Yep... a form of phishing so be scared.... be very scared!


  2. oh lordy. the chicken story on the link was funny. i happen to like your metal chicken better! :)

    i'm with you. no filling in blanks...

  3. No link found for the chicken story, but I think I did read it last week and it cracked me up!

    Ah, you don't want to go to the Bahamas until winter anyway... we're coming into hurricane season.

  4. Loved the chicken story! The Bahamas, huh? Oh, I'd like to go there too!

  5. I love the emails I get from random people with broken English in faraway lands. In fact, I just got one a few minutes ago, which I will share with you, just in case you also have a consignment box that you've been waiting for.


    This is to notify you that your consignment has been in our custody waiting for your comply before the delivery will be effected to your delivery address. We have been waiting for you to contact us regarding your consignment box which Courier Company suppose to deliver to you which was on hold by US Department of State Bureau and requesting for clearance certificate which will be obtain from the origination of the consignment box before it will be released.As a result of your enability to comply within duration given by Benin Government that is the reason the consignment box was diverted to treasury.

    All the welfare of United States Citizen and all part of Europe including Asia, Australia, South America, Antarctica e.t.c is my concern. Am here to take the protocol of all our citizens not to be cheated by Africans. After the meeting held by our board of director which was concluded that the delivery of your consignment box to your address must be complete within three working days upon your comply to our requirement which is by sending the sum of $145USD to enable us obtain the needed certificate and effect the delivery of your consignment immediately.

    Note that your consignment box has been arrived in US embassy and waiting to receive clearance certificate before the gate pass is given. Meanwhile you are advice to reconfirm the below information upon contacting us to avoid delivery to wrong person.

    1, your full name
    2, your home address
    3, your occupation
    4, Direct Telephone Number
    5, A copy of your ID

    Once you notify us with the above information we will release your consignment to you,
    Contact the Embassy Office Direct with the following information Below,
    Contact person, MR.MARK RODNEY (SAN)
    Mobile:+229 98217684

    Note that you are expected to pay only $145.00 for clearance certificate and you are to pay it to Benin Republic as the origination of the consignment box in favour of MRS.ANTHONY NZEDIGWE as our accountant officer in Benin Republic Send the $145USD through western union or Money Gram once you receive this mail for immediate release of your consignment box.

    Thank Mrs. KATE HENSWH
    Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

  6. Ah, the Bahamas....
    I'd take them,
    chickens, fish,
    any 'ol way at
    all : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  7. Loved the chicken story over at The Bloggess. It got so many hits it crashed her server... HA... that'll teach her for being so darned funny.


  8. I don't play games or answer those "Who Thinks You're Just the Cutest Thing in Shoe Leather?" offerings on Facebook because, like you, I don't like sharing my info.

    Although that consignment box is pretty tempting....


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