Friday, June 24, 2011

Dancing With Jesus

Darling sweet girly-girl,

Your aunt Patty texted me tonight about ordering some of your pictures, so I reviewed the albums of your family, and had to write you a letter.  As a sometimes photographer, I see lots of things and people through the lens of my camera.  Last year, I was asked by your mommy to take some photos of you and your brother, and I was blessed to  “see” you. 

I’ve known your mommy since she was a little girl, not too many years older than you were in our session.  You, your brother Eli, and your mommy made my day, that Sunday.  I picked y’all up at your house, and we got Starbucks.  We went to the museum, and y’all posed and played and smiled for me.  We went to the lake, and you talked to the geese and ran scared, long hair streaming, when the gander came after you.  You took your red sparkly flats off, and hung your bare feet through the rails over the lake, and I remember you had on red toenail polish that matched your sparkly red headband. 

You three were an absolute joy to photograph, and I fell in love with you all.  I saw how much you love your mommy and your big brother, and how much they love you, their sweet Cameron.  You flirted for the camera, you ran, you climbed, you played with flowers, you and Eli held each other, and both of you held your mommy.  You did everything I asked you, and more.  I took the most amazing shots of y’all, but it wasn't about me - it was about y'all.  You all have so much love, it easily transfers to the photographs.  In one photo, a sunbeam is shining down on the three of you, it looks so special, and you all are so beautiful. Even now, when I review the photos, I can see your heart.  How much you love.  How much you care.  How you embraced everything.  You are fearless. And beautiful.

Little Boogie, your mommy calls you.  And Cam-Cam, you are to your big brother Eli.
Your special name for your mommy is Ma moo, and Eli's special name, LiLi.

Girly-girl, I know you had an amazingly fun 6th birthday party with Jesus yesterday.  I bet Jesus danced with you, the way he did the day He welcomed you into Heaven.   I can see you in a red sparkly poofy petticoated dress, much like your red recital dress, spinning and whirling.  Words cannot express, but I know.  It gives me peace. 

Oh, you beautiful little girly-girl.  I miss your glorious smile, your twinkling eyes, your beautiful hair, your adventurous spirit, the way you loved on your mommy and your big brother, and every single person you met. You met life with wide-open arms, and to love and be loved was your absolute design factor.  I am so honored to have met you.  

We miss you, Cameron.

You are forever loved.


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  2. oh what a sweet angel she was, even here on earth...

  3. I was too involved with being radiated in March to read your blog about the accident.
    It is approaching three years since my Jessie-girl died. I want to remind all who love Cameron to pray, asking God for the promised blessing of comfort from the Holy Spirit.
    The pain of remembering will be surpassed by joy and love.

    Bill Kalles

  4. Beautiful! Children add light and hope to our days.

  5. Bill, thank you for your words of encouragement. Though I didn't know your Jessie-girl, I think of her often.

    Your words are wisdom. love you.

  6. yep, you made me cry...
    she is a beautiful little one
    i hope one day you see her again...

  7. That's sad - beautiful but sad. Nice though - Dave


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