Thursday, June 30, 2011

Which Way Did They Go? Which Way Did They Go?

It’s almost the July 4th weekend.
Talk around Mi Vida Loca is centered on “what to do.”
ThatManILove may be working, so that will ground us.
But...if he’s are our choices:
Stay home.  I’ve already booked a Saturday morning baby photography session.  Which will be great fun, this baby is gorgeous!!

Stay home.  Photograph. Do some bookkeeping.  And finish painting the living room. And watch my beautiful flowering plants start to die now that we're officially down to watering 2 days a week.  Please, Lord, cause it to rain on Texas!

Go west and north to the cool pines of Ruidoso.  But our favorite “living the lifestyles of the rich and famous (in our favorite Turkey Ridge house) one week at a time” isn’t available on VRBO.  Wah.  That ManILove is spoiled to this particular house.  Scroll through the pictures and you’ll see why we love this mountain getaway. Gorgeous!

Go north to the tip of Texas and watch Elder Son participate in a Ranch Rodeo.

  1. This would be fun and just by virtue of going north, it might be a bit cooler.
  2. He stands to win big bucks, and by golly, if anyone needs it, he does, because...
  3. Definition of "Rodeo" = OneHeckofanExpensiveSport
    Stay home. Invite our other family in from the Big D area so we can spoil our godchild, her mommy, and her nanna - it’s always a blessing to see them.

    We could combine some of these, right?  Have our rodeo and hang out with extended family, too?  And who knows, maybe Younger Son and his new bride will show up?

    Ah, but then, if north, to the rodeo...what to do with the Wonderdogs?  Since I've not booked doggy day-care, we’ll have to find a hotel that allows pets, so we can take them with us.   Which would bring a whole ‘nother dimension to being a rodeo spectator.  Zack thinks when Elder Son ropes a steer that he’s supposed to go retrieve it, just like he does when I shoot a bird.  Well, he is a hunting dog, after all.  And he also thinks the spectator stands at arenas are uncomfortable.  I know.  He told me so.  Right after he yanked me down them when he tried to retrieve that last steer at Tahoka.

    Okay, I’m going to bed to sleep on it all.  ThatManILove and I will discuss it in the morning.  
    Whatever we decided, I’m sure you’ll be informed, somehow.  My gentle readers, I wonder, how do you stand the suspense?  Our lives are SOOOO exciting.  (Yawn.)
    Yep.  I’m tired. 
    Please forgive my sarcasm.  I'm a bit sleep deprived.


    1. laughing at the visual of your dog trying to retrieve steers - with you at the end of his leash...

      i vote for stay home and invite Big D family to come down for a visit! sounds like the best of both worlds. :) altho seeing son win money rodeoing would be icing on anyone's cake. :)

    2. You've got a lot of great choices there!! I vote for playing with that adorable godchild.

    3. Some good choices there to choose from.

    4. I vote for going out to dinner...Was that a choice??

      We need rain here in Virginia too!

    5. Enjoy your 4 July weekend Jane - Dave

    6. Jane,
      What the heck are you guys doing? I wanna know! Don't keep me in suspense any longer. . . please. . . !

      Whatever you do, include your extra family and that sweet baby girl! I can't even imagine having to give her back, after holding her! She's an angel!


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