Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally! We're in Alaska!!

Note:  these posts won’t be real time, but a couple of days delayed.  (I need some rest, people!!)
Finally!  We made it to Alaska.
We got in to our home away from home at Eagles Head Cabins in Sterling, Alaska.
We are exhausted, having had about 3 hours sleep out of 36.
En route to Sterling from Anchorage, I asked ThatManILove to stop at a service station so that I might, well, ummmm....yes, of course, go to the bathroom.
We saw several stations, but alas - there was no one home.
What the heck???
When we finally made it to our cabin, the property owner, Ron Maddox, came out.  It was 10:30 p.m. Alaska time.  He was telling us it was hard for him to stay awake, waiting up for us 'til 10:30 pm, and Steve and I looked at each other and started laughing.  
THAT’s why no service stations were open!  It was 10:30 p.m. and the sun was about  2 p.m. in the sky!
Duh.  I should tell you that we’re smarter than the average bear - just not the ones who live in Alaska!
TMIL told Ron:  “Here’s how it is:  that sun up there is telling my eyes it’s time to put some meat on the grill for supper - but my body’s asking, “What the heck is going on here?  I need sleep!”

Check out the properties where we'll be staying this week:  They are amazing!!

In the morning, we’ll be halibut fishing.  Yet another new experience for Janie!
It’s never boring around here!


  1. Sooooo NICE! What a cool trip!

  2. North To Alaska! Wowzer. Love where you are staying and will send extra worms for bait... LOL


  3. WOW! That looks like a great get away.

  4. Alaska is #1 on my bucket list! I am so envious of you right now! Have a wonderful wonderful time!

  5. I remember when we lived there not having a concept of what time it was because it was light all the time--But the most bizarre thing about that was that just when you think it's going to get dark, it's actually getting lighter...I hope you're having a wonderful time!!

  6. Summer in the north, good times. Love those cabins, they're beautiful. And if TMIL's eyes are telling him it's time to grill, he should do it.

  7. I love halibut fishing. I also love eating halibut! My family went on a fishing trip to Alaska 4 years ago. The sun will definitely confuse you! I've got some GREAT recipes for halibut, if interested! :)

  8. Ohhh wow it looks amazing! I'm sure you will have a great time! but don't run into too many bears (not healthy and all....)!


  9. what a beautiful place. I think I would like to visit but not in the dark cold time.


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