Sunday, June 26, 2011

Janie's Got a Gun...Concealed Carry Certification - Sound Off!

We took our Concealed Handgun Certification class yesterday.  It was fun, but man, it was a hot day - I think the high was 111 degrees.
Though we own pistols, I had never before shot a pistol.   Can you believe that?  The shotgunner I am, yet I’d never shot a pistol?  Craziness.  I've been missing out, I can tell you that!
I have a Kimber .45 caliber auto, and ThatManILove has a Beretta .40 caliber auto.  He thought that it would be better for me to shoot the Beretta, since I’d not shot before.  It was definitely a lighter gun!
We all met at the Stripes convenience store at Loop 250 and Big Spring St.  My brother and sister-in-law joined the class, as well as some of our friends.  It was a great group.  Our instructor was Dennis Morris, and he is an awesome, entertaining instructor.  
The class was very informative, and they helped each of us with our guns, teaching us gun safety along the way.
Then, we started shooting.  We each had targets, and we lined up in a straight line, fifteen yards from our targets.  It was a little nerve-wracking, but fun, as well.
And I realized within my first five shots...I don’t know how to aim.  I shoot my shotgun with both eyes open, which is a huge plus in sporting clays.  I don’t use the bead on the end of my shotgun.  If your shotgun is mounted correctly, you will basically shoot where you look, and with a little practice, you’ll hit your clay targets.
Isaac Urias was assisting Mr. Morris with the class, and will soon have his instructor’s license.  I told Isaac what I thought was going on, and he helped me.  He told me I could try to aim with both eyes open, but I found it easier to shut my left eye.  My shooting improved immensely once I adjusted to aiming.  Isaac was very good and helped me with the little things, like changing out the clip with my left hand so my right hand never leaves the pistol, etc.  He’s going to be a great instructor.
Finally, we were ready for the range qualification test.  Requirements are that you fire a total of 50 rounds at a B-27 target, scoring at least 175/250, shooting 20 rounds from the 3 yard line, 20 rounds from the 7 yard line, and 10 rounds from the 15 yard line.  I scored a respectable 244/250, so I was very pleased.  ThatManILove, who says he can’t shoot, scored a 248/250!
Afterwards, we broke for lunch, and then went for our classroom portion of the test.  I learned so much!  I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
 We're going to go shooting this week, to become even more familiar with our weapons - the instructors encouraged us to practice, practice, practice.  

 I'm often alone, in different towns and places, and thought this might be a perfect solution for protection purposes.  Today, however, I’m warring with the responsibilities of carrying a concealed weapon, and all that carrying entails.

What about you?  Have you ever thought about carrying a gun for protection?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. hey, i think it's great that if you own a weapon you should be trained in handling it. as for hidden carry? i have mixed feelings on it as i think a lot of irresponsible people may carry, just because they get certified and can. hopefully you'll never have cause to draw it. :)

  2. I don't own. And I live in the last state without "concealed carry". I have no issue with gun ownership, but I'm really not sure about "concealed carry".

  3. nice...that is not have a gun currently but used to shoot in prep for the police quals when i was pursuing law enforcement...have trained my boys (6&8) on gun safety and shot BB guns with them for several years so they will understand if/when the time comes...

  4. Now that song, Jamie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith is stuck in my head!

  5. I grew up around guns, but I don't own any today. I do agree it's fun to shoot, but I don't really have a desire to keep any in my house.

  6. Funny you should mention the Kimber .45. Debbie and I took our CHL renewal class last Monday night, just before heading to Denver. The guy just to the left of me on the range was shooting a Kimber 45 and his brass kept hitting me in the head! One plinked me right in the eye just as I fired. Something like that shouldn't matter – it's not painful or dangerous – but that was the one round that went completely astray during qualification. It was a good example of how important it is to stay focused when shooting. (And, by the way, congratulations!)

  7. Remind me never to mess with you. I own no handgun and even if I did, I would have no idea how to use it.

  8. Have you ever been in a situation where a gun would help? I'm not against guns, just stupid people that might cause more harm than help, and there are enough of those around.

  9. I've never held a gun or shot one--But my husband at one point in his job had to carry one, and it made me really nervous, but he's confident and knows what he's doing, which is why I don't have one! :-)

  10. I always wanted to try it! I can't buy a gun here because i'm not a resident yet but we can borrow one from our friends... I just haven't tried it yet! haha

    Keep having fun with it though!

  11. I have mixed feelings about the subject, pretty much I would reiterate what Texwisgirl had to say....JoeinVegas too.

  12. Sorry, but I'm totally against carrying weapons as I don't believe that they solve anything - they just foster an atmosphere of violence or at the very least, reinforce the idea that it is OK to shoot...

  13. Janie, guns are not permitted here in NZ for self defence (except maybe the police and the army), but may be owned, with a license for hunting or sport - Dave

  14. If a person goes through all the steps to be able to carry a concealed weapon, it's my feeling they are a lot less likely to use it unless absolutely necessary. I say rock on, Momma. I support your decision and I'm a liberal Democrat. :)

  15. I think it is nice to have a permit.Often when coming off the range it saves you emptying clips to travel.I like the challenge of accuracy with pistols, but enjoy trap also.
    Steve, Out On The Prairie


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