Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger Meet - Gwynne and Jules

So...did I tell you that when we left Alaska, we went to Seattle for a couple of days?
And while in Seattle, I remembered that my bloggy friend Gwynne had relocated to this city?
And that while I was there, I had a brain wave, and remembered to email her - FRIDAY night?
And that Saturday morning, she and her sweet grandson Julian came into Seattle to meet us at Pike’s Market?
Here they are, crossing to street to meet us.

Gwynne and Julian

Here they are, crossing to street to meet us.  And in “meet us”, I mean, meet us!  We had never before met!  I love meeting bloggers, especially one that has part of my heart like Gwynne does.  She is such a sweet, smart lady - I wish she was still blogging!  Gwynne was one of my first blogging friends, and I met her through Eric, the author of The Fireant Gazette.  They are the ones who encouraged me to start writing.  (I guess they were done with my smart-alec comments - pay back is, well, you know...)

Flirting with me in the Starbucks
Her Radko (thatmansheloves!) had to go out of town, so we didn't get to meet him...but ThatManILove and I will be back, and will get to visit with all of them.  And maybe hopefully surely take a sail on their 50’ boat.  Oh, yeah, baby.  That will be fun!

Julian loves music, and these guys were good!
Speaking of babies, Jules (as I call him) takes up most of Gwynne’s time, when she’s not at her full-time CPA gig (I told you she was smart!), so that’s why she’s not blogging anymore.
Loving the music.  He wants to dance.

And this child is one fast-running little dude.  He is so beautiful and so engaging.

Mr. Music Aficianad

He loves music.  Here, he's escaping the stroller to shake a boot dance dance dance.
He's a very strong boy!
Dance, dance, dance!!
But when he’s done, he’s done.  I caught his meltdown on camera, and Gwynne loved it!
I love them, and can’t wait ‘til we head that way again, and we get to hang out with them.
Thanks for taking the time, Gwynne and Jules!  It was our great pleasure!

Beautiful three year old ALL boy!
It's never boring around here!


  1. Those darned meltdowns get the best of all of us every now and then... I haven't had one in a while so I'm probably due too!

    Glad you got to meet her. What a special moment!

  2. Seattle has a special place in my heart.

  3. What a cute little man. Boy he's got lungs I bet. He's screaming in that pic.

  4. How COOL!! And you KNOW how I love it when you meet bloggers!!!!!


  5. Oh how fun! I LOVE meeting other bloggers as well. And Seattle is gorgeous, what a great place to meet! :)


  6. Janie, you obviously enjoyed meeting your blog pal. I was really taken by the last picture of Jules. What a cute kid! - Dave

  7. I love when I get a chance to meet bloggers! Glad you had a good time!

  8. Oh wow that is soo great that you had the chance to meet face to face!

    the pics show you had a great day! And THANK YOU for voting for Vanilla Bean... pretty exciting so see where we end up!?

    And wipped cream is.... hmmm good translation would be.... "heavy whipping cream"... you put it on pies and yoghurt and fresh fruit..?

    Hope that helps! haha

  9. Oh Jane, that is wonderful!

    I loved meeting you guys this past February!

    I am loving your traveling posts too!


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