Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful, Furry Things - Part 6 of the "North, To Alaska!" Series

I have lots to tell you, but I’m exhausted.  Please bear with me as I catch my breath.
Instead, I’ll just leave you with a couple more Alaska pictures.  Eye candy from Alaska.
I’ll catch up tomorrow.  I promise.  And our host Ron took the moose pix.  I cannot tell a lie.

Mommy and Baby in the Front Yard of Eagle Head Cabins

Aren't They Beautiful?

I was waiting on this bad boy.  He's scratching his head.

He's a yearling brown bear (really kind of blonde), about 6' tall.

A little blurry.  I might have been shaking when I took this.


  1. Oh my--that bad boy looks a little too close for comfort! But how exciting to be mingling with the furry locals. :-)

  2. Whoa.... I"d have been shaking too! How wonderful to see that bear. We have black bears that roam our mountaintops here.... none that close to me yet.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful adventure photos with us!

  3. It was really cool to see this bear. Right before he emerged, our guide said, "Now, ladies, there is a port a potty up there if you need it."

    I think not. Thanks, anyway!

  4. and I get excited when I see deer. sheesh. I really need to get to Alaska and see for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, wow. What, is everyone going to AK these days? I've been hearing about it from several people today! What a beautiful, beautiful place...


  6. Shaky? Hell, I'd be running. In the opposite direction. Great pics, though. You go girl. :)


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