Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Whole Foods Rap Video

Ever been to Whole Foods Market?  You know, for bok choi?  Or some delicious fruit you cannot even say, much less find at your own local grocer?

Well, Fog and Smog have pretty much got it faded with this funny video.  And seriously, they've got the WF experience down pretty much as it happens, fo' realz...

Thanks, Eric, for the share...you rock..."in the Whole Foods parking lot"!!


  1. pay my $80 for 6 things. ha!!!

  2. I'm always tempted to shop at Whole Foods when I'm in a big city, such delightful adventures in every isle.

  3. They have excellent cheeses, but I have to remortgage the house to shop there. Why does organic equal expensive? Vay.

  4. Hello! Since you enjoyed that one (so did we!!) maybe you will enjoy this response to it, titled Revenge of the Black Prius:


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