Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy Halibut, People!! (Part 2 of the "North, To Alaska!" Series


I pulled a honking monster out of the sea.  (I had to have help - I’ll admit it.)
ThatManILove can hold his - I couldn't even pick mine up.

This is a halibut, my friends.  All 55 pounds of him.  I won the catch of the day.  We fished Cook’s Inlet, and had the best time with our guides, Captain Levi Keogh and his brother, Deckhand Hunter Keogh of Key-O's Fishing Guide Service.  

Levi Keogh (l), Hunter Keogh (r)

If you’re ever looking for fishing guides in Alaska, I’d pick these two(or for that matter, anyone from their family).  Excellent young men, in a family owned business based in Ninilchik, Alaska. Their mom, Merry, is just lovely and you can tell she's an astute businesswoman.   Their dad, Lynn,  will be taking us fishing on the Kenai River later this week.  (I'm sure the boys have warned him that we're coming, poor guy!) I've not yet met their sister, Ashley, but she enjoys an excellent reputation as a Kenai fishing guide, herself. 
As to my honking halibut, well, these Keogh boys have seen bigger than mine, I promise.  Their stories boggled this desert gal's mind.  For a first time fisherwoman, I was well pleased with myself and ThatManILove.  We had so much fun, and a huge part of our fun was watching Levi and Hunter do what they love to do.  These guys are so seamless, they made our work enjoyable.  They're very personable and funny, yet, all business.  When someone was reeling a fish in, they would properly and subtly position everyone on the boat to avoid tangles and possible situations, and you wouldn't even know you'd been moved.  When I got tired, one of them was there to help me bring in Horatio (that's what I named him).  I really don't know how to explain it - but watching Hunter and Levi do what they do is akin to watching an intricate dance -  of the fishing variety!  Levi and Hunter are so synchronized, love people, and all that translates into an excellent adventure for their clients.

Not his biggest catch of the day - but we had fun!
If you're heading to Alaska, and going to partake of the fishing (I was a fishing virgin until this day, seriously!) please give them a call to customize your fishing experience.  You'll be glad you did!
My First Fish Total Catch Picture!!
Enjoy the pictures - and come fish Alaska!!  The people are awesome, and the fish are BIG.
Seriously, honking big.  Just ask Horatio.  Oh, wait.  You can't.  He's being, ummm, processed.  Yeah, that's it.

Us.  5:30 that morning, heading to the Key-O Guide Service,  With 3 hours sleep out of the last 56.  I have that puffy, exhausted look.  Didn't stop me!  ThatJanieGirl's Excellent Adventure!
Y'all know the drill - it's never boring around here!


  1. Awesome! Looks like those worms I sent you worked their magic!


  2. That looks like fun. Congrats on the big fish. I am very jealous.

  3. Wow - that is an impressive catch

  4. Jane!!!!! You better go back and check to see if Jonah was in that whale you caught!!

    Looks like LOADS of fun!

  5. You sure that was only 55 pounds? That monster looked bigger than you.

  6. WOW Janie! How impressive!

    I just love knowing peole who do such wonderful things!


  7. My GOSH!!! That fish is HUGE!!!

    Great job!!!


  8. Wow! That's a huge Halibut Janie. Did you eat it all? - Dave


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