Thursday, June 16, 2011

King (Salmon) Me!! (Part 3 of the "North, To Alaska!" Series)

A day late, many fish later, here I am.
My intent was to post daily, but, people, I’m tired!  We’ve been getting up WAY too early for vacation days, and meeting our guides at 5:30 a.m., 6 a.m., and even 4:30 a.m.
Oh, yes, we have. 
Thank the good Lord for my oilfield career that has trained me for early rising!  All I wanna know is where's my freakin' Geritol??
Here are pictures from our Kasiloff River fishing trip.  Have I told y’all it’s cold up here? It's cold as a....ah, never mind.  Trust me, gentle readers.  It's cold.

We fished with Ed O’Connor, who is the savvy proprietor of Advantage Angling in Soldotna, Alaska, and a Kenai Peninsula expert fisherman.  I think we’re gonna call him "Ed, the Fish Whisperer".  He surely knows his stuff!
Ed is professional, friendly, funny, and always remembers your name!  Give him a call or drop him an email if you’re planning a trip.  You can reach him through his website, Advantage Angling.
So, who brought in the first King Salmon of the day?  My Facebook friends were betting on me, and they won.
Weighing 25 lbs?
Oh, yeah - That Janie Girl!  My Facebook friends won that bet, but they also bet I would have the largest fish of the day.  And I was rocking it most of the day, but, then...
ThatManILove brought in a 32 pounder himself!!  Twerp!! So, he won our bet that day, yes, he did!  I can't believe he had the nerve to show me up!  Really, I was very excited for him.  What a successful day Casa de  la Vida Loca enjoyed!!  Great company, excellent guide, lots of wildlife.  You've gotta try it yourself!

We had a delightful trip on the Kasiloff. Tomorrow, to the Kenai River for float and wade fishing with our friends, who helped up set up this entire trip.  (Glad they did, I would have been clueless.)

Ed O'Connoll, getting ready to filet the fish.
Now get yourself to Alaska - you will love, love, love it up here!!  Beautiful scenery, cool weather, baby moose running around all over, bears, beautiful know the drill - just get here!


  1. that is so cool! congrats to both of you on great catches!!!

    my brother and his wife live in Juneau and love it.

  2. Every time I read one of these Alaska posts....I squeal w/envy.

  3. I am loving your trip to Alaska because it's bringing back things I've not thought of in a long time and reminding me of why I miss Alaska!!

  4. Oh Jane! You really do have some BIG FISH stories! And the pictures to prove it. . . yeah, they make all the difference!

    Glad you and TMYL is having so much fun!

  5. Wow.. what an adventure. And totally impressive catches. I'm still working on not saying "ewww" out loud when I hook a worm. ;)

  6. My husband has always wanted to go to Alaska, even live there, in his youth. Not looking good for getting there, these days. But we are enjoying your beautiful photos. Great job!


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