Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Brand on Amy

I heard it through the grapevine - the blogger grapevine, that is.

"It" was the news that Amy Winehouse was dead.

We all knew her, through her music (first) and through reports of her addiction (second).

Some bloggers made fun, some grieved the loss, some talked about her entry into the "27 Club" - the club of those entertainers that died before their time, at the age of 27.

I knew but one thing - for a little girly like that to be so messed up, she had to be self-medicating her pain.  If you've ever known anyone with an addiction, you know of which I speak.

And now, a blog post from a friend of Amy's, one who had been in the same place (rehab) not too long before Amy hit the scene.

Read Russell Brand's blog and tribute to Amy.

And Diane, my friend from Blue Ridge Gal?  Thanks for the heads-up to an article that rings purely of truth.

May Amy's family and friends find peace and comfort.


  1. When I read an article about Amy I wanted to cry. I scrolled to the comments and was ashamed of the comments that some people had made. They were along the lines that she did it to herself, she didn't have to do drugs/alcohol, etc. My immediate thought was I guess you have never felt like you needed something to get through the pain of life. Unfortunately, I have and my vice was alcohol. I was on a downward spin and refused repeatedly the signs from God. Until one fateful night, when I totaled my car and broke Michael's ankle. It was God telling me that IF I didn't change, one day there would be no next time and who would I hurt next.... My heart hurts for Amy. And all others like her.

  2. PS found you thru Pastor Sharon. Great read here!

  3. Oh gosh... how crude that some people made fun. That just reeks of heartlessness.

  4. A great way to tell it... no one really knows the pain someone else is in. That's why judging is such a harmful thing, we don't know. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out the link.

  5. hmmm, i am not sure what to think of Amy. No i was not a fan. AT ALL! But it is sad that she is gone.

    I'm going over to check your friends post and maybe get some insight?


  6. Hello she died Saturday we were crushed such a talent but that alcohol and drugs it is a true killer....love the ladybug shots....and with the hubby give him his space ...it will all work out after all the house just got redone.....i love you....xoxo

  7. Russell Brand's blog post touched the center of my heart. I am going to read the other post you have led us to.

    I am with you. Those with addictions are truly self medicating their pain. My heart broke to hear Amy was unable to find help without self medicating and that it cost her, her life.

  8. Thanks for the tip about the article. It's always sad to see someone self-destruct.

  9. I've tried a couple of times to read it, but the site must still be busy. I feel sad for her family and sorry that she couldn't escape her addiction. She was so talented.

  10. It's a tragic event. It hurts to know that someone so young and with such talent suffered so much pain.


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