Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ladybugs, Ladybugs...from High Sierra Ladybugs

I’ve been ordering ladybugs lately.
No, seriously.  Would I tease you about something like that? Oh.  I would? Daaaaang, people.  But, to get back on the ladybug trail, I have.  Been ordering.
Live ladybugs.
By the thousands.
I love my little flower garden and container garden, and I read somewhere that ladybugs are the bomb when it comes to controlling insects, like aphids.
And as an avid (not aphid) hibiscus grower tender, well, aphids love my place.
But those avid aphids are about to. go. down.  I'm done with them, and I'm gonna be done with them organically.
Here’s how these little devourers of aphids come - in an almost tupperware container.  With a little mesh net on the top.  They’re stinking up my refrigerator.  They needed to take a little nappy poo, and may do so for a month or two.  I’m trying to wait until the temperatures go down a little bit to release them just so they’ll live longer.

I have pulled a few out, to warm them up, for release.  Two little sisters are coming over to help with the release, and of course, I’ll have my camera ready.
I told Chuck at www.highsierraladybugs.com that I liked to split the ladybugs up, and have the children do the release for a photography moment.  He is sending me the extra containers, with twist-on lids for easier reuse.  I’m so excited!  So, Chuck, I’ve saved your site as a favorite, and I will be back for more ladybugs!  I like that your firm grows your own bugs and doesn’t harvest from other areas, as well.  Impressive!
Why do I need multiple containers?  Well, my first release was a wreck.  Between little Ava and myself, we ruined the first container.  Punched the net on the top, right in.  There were no saving 2/3 of them for later.
Here are pictures, though, of Ladybug Release #1.  We released way too many (all 5000 of them!) at once, but we had lots of fun!  She was a little overwhelmed by so many ladybugs flying into her hair, but she quickly got over it once she figured out they were harmless.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Here they come, out of the box!

They're so beautiful!

Little Ava, smiling for the camera.

You can see them starting to climb on the plants.

Ava is mesmerized.

The directions say to water prior to releasing them - so they can get a drink.  From this point
on, they'll get their moisture from eating fat, juicy aphids.  Gross.

I don't know what's cuter - her little finger, her bracelets, or that little ladybug!

Now she wants to catch them all again.

Ava was so cute.  Maybe we'll get a rerun and put her hair in a ponytail so you can
see all her awesome expressions as she releases the ladybugs!


  1. she has an adorable little heart-shaped face. what a cute little assistant!

  2. 5000 lady bugs...for real? if you need lady bugs i can scrape some off the roof...they invade my house every year....cute pics....

    1. i have heard about the place were you must live. You sweep them up by the thousands.

  3. Never ordered lady bugs. That's for rich people! ;)

  4. Those lady bugs are cute, and useful. Just like your young "assistant."

  5. I didn't know you could grow ladybugs! How cool is that! What great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I was just looking for some evidence that High Sierra had been in business for a while. Before i sent money off for my favorite pest control. Thank you all i am ordering some today. What wonderful pictures.


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