Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayers Needed For Rosaria

Those of us who blog develop, over time, relationships with our commenters, who are most usually bloggers.  One of my constant commenters, as I ventured forth on this new blog, has been Rosaria of Sixty-Five What Now.   Her blog is a delight to read, and her journey amazing.  She is sweet, peaceful, and is a deep well.  
I’m writing to ask you to please keep Rosaria and her family in your prayers and thoughts.
She lost her youngest son, her beautiful son, Brian, this past Sunday.  
They all enjoyed the July 4th weekend together, along with Brian’s beautiful fiancee Janet.
Lord, I pray you settle peace and comfort over this family as they mourn for their son - their sibling and friend. 


  1. oh, i'm terribly sorry for your friend and her family.

  2. How very sad, and we will also send prayers that they find peace and comfort at what I know is a sad and very difficult time...

  3. I offer good karma and vibes to her family, Janie. I hope it helps.

  4. I will hop on over to her blog...sorry for her loss....yeah the accident was horrible...blew a tire on the Hwy 5 flipped of an embankment then rolled 4 times into a field of sorts....Helicoptered out but I'm getting back to normal it really screwed with my brain but hey I'm healing broken bones and alive and for that I am extremely grateful on the way to a concert in Oakland to sew my daughter as a matter of fact it was Allison Kraus bluegrass woot woot missed it ........thank god i was alone ....good to be back love you...xoxo

  5. I stopped over and offered her my condolences. So sorry, To lose a child is such a heartbreaking time for anyone. Thanks for letting us all know, Janie. Hugs.


  6. So sad. In my thoughts and prayers...

  7. That is very sad. Thoughts and prayers sent.

  8. Oh no. What terrible news! Thanks for letting us know.

  9. Janie~
    Love your name to my Texan Family I am known as Jannie.. BUT only to them, otherwise I am Janis or Jan...
    You already know my love goes to Rosaria too. I ran across her a couple years ago and she feels like an Aunt to me. Never afraid to tell me how it is. I feel I "know" her, although we have never met face to face.
    I just found your email (it wondered into my spam file along with other "real" mail. Thats why I check this highly sensitive thing every couple days. Other than our blogging, I am friends with her on Facebook (that was how I found out about Brian... and the news clip attached so tragic indeed.. I also email her back & forth from time to time (which is on her sidebar under facebook badge).
    I look forward to following you & will officially when I am on Hubby's main computer that isnt as sensitive (our Laptops dont let us follow links SO SUPER sensitive!) So I will get in there tomorrow.

    Love & Hugs♥


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