Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get Along, Little Cowbaby

Thought I’d share baby Cole’s pictures with you.

Cole is one beautiful baby.  And I don’t say that lightly.
I tried to plan a little beforehand, and wanted to pay homage to this little one’s heritage.  His mom hails from a ranching background, so I told Cole's parents to bring their boots and hats.  Here, Cole is actually nestled in his daddy's felt.

And then I remembered my rope basket.  I store all the doggy leashes and toys in it.  I dumped it out, and voila. This basket is made from ropes that my son used - isn’t this a great idea?

 And yes, that felt hat was a wee bit dirty.  I told Cole's dad - if that's all the dirt he gets into in his life, he's way ahead.

I love this little cocoon I purchased through Etsy.

I promise this sweet baby is so beautiful I could put him in a box and he'd look gorgeous.

And of course, Zack the Babysitter Wonderdog had to get in on the action.


  1. Now, how creative are you? Love all of these shots. What a beautiful baby. :)

  2. GREAT pictures!!! Zack looks so happy that he is getting to hold the baby!:O)

  3. oh my goodness. what beautiful shots. and such a peaceful baby. (LOVE that rope basket! LOVE it!)

  4. Beautiful shots of a beautiful boy!

  5. What great photos, Janie! You have a gift, girlfriend and that baby is gorgeous!

  6. That right there is one cute baby.

  7. Oh my. That is an adorable baby!!!!


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