Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not A High Maintenance Girl, But...

Today, I tried out the services of the local European Wax Center.  Oh, yes, I did.

And I’m well  I will go back, they are definitely professionals there, and they know their waxing.  But I digress...
During said service, when the lady said "Ready?" I was immediately transported to the film “40-Year Old Virgin” with Steve Carell - jump to this video!

Not that I have a hairy chest like his, or anything, so don't EVEN go there.

Waxing, which I never schedule with my aesthetician in a timely manner, due to my crazy schedule, always makes me think of nail salons.  You know, those ones where you walk in, and they want to give you wine or a margarita, and sell you everything they have?  Yeah.  Those nail salons do waxing, too.  Not me, boys and girls.  But anyway, those kind of nail salons from this point on will remind me of my new favorite comedienne.  Check her out - Anjelah Johnson.

Hope your weekend was awesome!

Oh yeah - and What The Heck Is This? contest results coming soon!


  1. This is all beyond a Bear's realm of comprehension. Especially a male Bear's realm of comprehension.
    Isn't wax what they use to shine up the nose of Bear that's been turned into a Bear rug?

  2. I was my lip and eyebrows..... have forever. Anjelah is hilarious!!!

  3. *wax* not was.... ugh, it's early!

  4. If you're willing to wait until you hit your sixties, hair has a way of disappearing. Look at the money you'll save by having to pencil all that hair back ON your eyebrows!

  5. Remember those old Epilady things with the springs from the late 80's?

    I don't have a point here, I just wanted to make you cringe at the thought of that vibrating spring ripping the hair out by the roots.

  6. Ouch. I am not a hairy girl. For that, I am glad.

  7. So the European Wax Center is one of my favorite places. Christina is my waxist! :)


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