Friday, July 1, 2011

Arrrrrrrrgh! Freakin' Microsoft Word!!

As you know, I work for a m.a.j.o.r. c.o.r.p.o.r.a.t.i.o.n.

You know, the kind that has an IT department?  That reaches from Houston, to India, and back?

So when I asked to switch from Microsoft Word 2007 to Microsoft Word 2003, and IT enabled the switch while watching my computer via sharing, that one action wiped out almost 6,000 contacts in Microsoft Outlook?

Oh, yes, it did.

And they have to have a password cracker to reinstall the contacts.  The ones from August 2010.  Not June the 30, 2011 most recent version that I was utilizing, oh, just an hour or so ago.

I'm so frustrated.  Now, I have all my contacts on MobileMe, since at home, I'm a Mac chick. I could seriously, easily, sync my contacts to Outlook from my Mac via MobileMe.  But can I upload iTunes to my work computer?  Or Mobile Me?  For a simple contacts transfer?

Noooooooooooooooo.  Absolutely not.  Against the rules.  God forbid if I listen to a song during my work day via iTunes.

I think I'll take up alcohol.  Today.  At 6:00 a.m.

It would be better than this s***.

Thanks for listening.  And if you were on my distribution list yesterday, and you're not today, drop me an email.  I'll add you.  Again.

Much love from my crazy end of the oilpatch,


  1. I hear ya! I do what I do on the computer, making do using the programs that I have, and I don't care about updates most of the time. When I got this laptop, I had to have The Husband find the installation disks for the oldest version of PhotoShop that we have that would run on this version of Windows. (Fortunately, he's a computer guy and he does this for a living.) When I think about what happened to my Outlook contacts ... it practically gives me PTSD, I assure you. I STILL haven't rid myself of all the duplicate files.

    I remember when we bought our very first PC, way back in the Stone Age, and we paid extra to upgrade to the 40 meg hard-drive. :)

  2. Technology is a wonderful thing, eh? So frustrating! Last year I had to change operating systems and lost a lot of contact info. And I'm not smart enough to back up (someone teach me!). Maybe one day when I have an extra few hours (like a 27 hour day) I'll figure it out...
    Hope you're able to retrieve everything. :/

  3. Wait, what? Your contacts (and your mail) should be on Exchange and backed up nightly. Also, why go backwards? Yes, the ribbon takes a bit to get used to, but you can set the default to save as ".DOC" and not ".DOCX" if you were having issues sharing documents.

    I'm not on our messaging team or our desktop team, but a simple Word uninstall shouldn't mess with Outlook that hard. Unless all of they reinstalled the whole suite, in which case your think they'd save off contacts (if not backed up) and you personal dictionary.

  4. That sucks. I hate the new office as well so you are not alone. Especially the new Excel. It sucks.

  5. Ok this was I am sure not suppose to be funny but well it made me laugh. Ok the alcohol comment made me laugh. Technology is the best and the worst.

    Funny too, when our old computer died this last year, I asked the honeyman could he install the 2003 Microsoft Word on the new one too!

    Thanks for popping by my blog.

  6. Technology is not always what it appears cracked up to be.

    Your story sounds more painful than waking up to a Charlie-horse in the middle of the night.

    I hate when that happens.


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