Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Day Is It Anyway?

Hey, there, gentle readers.

I was going to be a really good girl and pre-post a couple of posts so I could enjoy the weekend with you and my family and my friends..

But my whiney post about clothing and my weight for SUNDAY, July 3, 2011, posted yesterday.  July 1, 2011.  On a FRIDAY.

Blogger, I can feel the love.

Happy July 4th weekend!!



  1. enjoy some time away, whiney girl!

  2. Isn't it great to have Blogger to blame all of our oopsies on? Not that this was the case with your post -- I'm sure it was Blogger's fault. ;)

  3. I love it more when Blogger refuses to actually post your posts.

    Dang Blogger.

  4. Hi there Jane!
    I really hope you have the best 4th of July ever! I have enjoyed reading through your posts as you guys vacationed in Alaska!

    have a blessed weekend!


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