Friday, February 15, 2013

Boots and Must Have Accessories - Part 1

Who, seriously, doesn’t love boots?  Men, women, who cares, we all LOVE boots!

As you can see, I do.

So I wanted to introduce you to my two newest boot accessories. not a toy. serious business.

Because, I have large calves.

This tool helps me buy regular boots of superb quality (on sale) and stretch the calves a little bit.  (Okay, quite a lot.)

It looks wicked, doesn't it?  I saw this little tool one day at Merry Marketplace, where one of the vendors was putting it to use on a pair of $800 boots.  I was all in her business, asking her about that tool.  I decided right there and then I was going to get not one, but two.  TWO boot stretchers.

Now, far be it from me to buy a pair of $800 boots (well, maybe someday), but I have been known to thrown down a couple of hundred on a half price pair!

I’m NOT stupid, people.  Leather boots are an investment.

Here’s how that little tool works.

You wet the inside of the boot with a spray bottle (I used RO water).

You insert the tool into the leather boot. (Make sure you loosen any buckles.) The spreader has two parts - one, to spread the ankle, and one to spread the upper part of the boot.  

And you turn it to the right.  The spreader stretches the leather.

Takes about 5 minutes a boot.

And voila, they fit...just right!

(Stay tuned for part 2it will be worth it!)


  1. I saw that first picture and thought the post was going to be about you going to the gynecologist and that 'boots' was one of those coded girl-things y'all use.

  2. Do they shrink back onto your leg if they get wet?

  3. Oh man, I thought that was gonna be a calf-puller not a calf-stretcher.


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