Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Cajun German Shorthair, Zack

Zack is a Cajun dog.

He comes from a long line of German Shorthairs, but when it comes to things of a culinary persuasion, he’s a Cajun.

I know.

I caught him.


Stealing.  Trying to break and enter.

Trying to break and enter into my ONLY precious box of Community Tea.   That my friend, Connie, arranges with her friend, Raymond, to bring in from Louisiana.  I would have been down for the count until their next scheduled shipment of contraband. (Why don’t they sell that here in Midland, Texas?)

The twerp.

I heard him.  Zanna, perched atop the brown comforter, went all alert.

First clue.

Then, I heard another noise.  Like a box.  Cellophane.  Snap, crackle, pop.

Zanna went more alert, and poised her body for instant takeoff.

I decided to beat her to it.

I rounded the corner, and voila.

Zack had taken the brand new box of Community Tea bags, off the wayyyy back of the kitchen counter, still wrapped in cellophane, and was trying to break and enter.

That, my fellow dog lovers and/or readers, would have been a holy mess.

Thank God I caught him.

What the heck???

He ALMOST had it faded, the twerp.


  1. Oh that is funny... and I can mail you tea anytime you need it we have it here and they also sell it on Amazon... :-o

  2. That is one smart dog with sophisticated tastes!

  3. "Criminal Dog Fooled by Cellophane." Details at eleven!

  4. That dog is really wasting his talents on iced tea! Doesn't he know he could be getting meats from the fridge?


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