Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Storm Rocky

I spent most of the day yesterday in a National American Association of Drilling Engineers Board Meeting, where I serve as the secretary on the national board.

I am taking minutes for said meeting.  My phone is blowing up.

Winter storm Rocky is messing with all the students heading to this conference, and they are all freaking out...some are presenting papers at this conference.  Some are just attending.  No matter what, I have 50 students from two different colleges that need to get into OKC and Storm Rocky is jacking with their travel plans.

Thank God that Raegan, Jenaya and Trey are with me, visiting the same board meeting, so they can answer my phone for me and deal with these students, their appointed bus companies, and all the drama that ensued.

I woke up this morning thinking, “We have 300 college students trying to get here for the conference.”

I bet my phone wasn’t the only one blowing up yesterday.

And this morning, in Oklahoma City, site of the AADE National Tech Conference?

It’s raining.   Not a blizzard.  And certainly not 11” of snow that was predicted for Oklahoma City.

Either Winter Storm Rocky hasn’t hit  yet, or it’s going elsewhere.


  1. Until tonight when it all freezes and everything turns into a big ice cube

  2. Heifer. Get your ASS to state college.


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