Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Need To Video These Wonderdogs

So.  Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!

And speaking of Valentines.

ThatManILove swears, that when he’s out of town, he comes in, and Zack the Wonderdog raises his sweet little doggy head up from ThatManILove’s pillow, and looks at him like, “What?  You were gone, I am here, possession is 9/10ths of the law.”

ThatManILove shakes his head, shushes Zack out of the bed, and reclaims his lawful place in the bed.


ThatManILove has been known to go to the back yard, pull a cushioned chair out into the yard, and just nap in the winter sun.

This past weekend, I decided a little fresh air would do me good, so I went out on the back porch, with a blanket, my computer, my iPhone, and a bottle of water.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but Zack.

Zack the Wonderdog.

Who promptly walked quietly up to ThatManILove’s favorite chair, and stepped up into it, and curled up.

Oh, yes, he did.

He cracks me up.  I had to take quick pictures, because I knew ThatManILove would never believe it.


  1. That cracked me up! He's trying to show who's top dog, I think. In his mind, he probably thinks the humans belong to him.

  2. We have the same problem, only it's Jack our cat. She likes to sleep in my rocker --

    Thanks for participating in the Boost-My-Blog Party Janie!

  3. Of course! He looks very natural there!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  4. Well, it is his job to take that guys place when he's not there.

  5. hey, i hopped over from Boost-My-Blog Party! nice to meet ya. have a great <3 Day!! big hugs. Zack sure is cute. enjoying the day it seems. ( :

  6. Oh cute dog!

    Thanks for participating in the Boost My Blog party!

  7. Zach the wonderdog is adorable. I am sure ThatManILove would not ming. Happy Valentines Day. Visiting from Valentine Blog Hop Party. B

  8. And that is why we love dogs, isn't it?! Hoppin' over from the Valetine's Hop!

  9. Hey! I just popped over from the Valentines BMB party hosted by Lisa & Nancy! I love your story, too cute (and funny)! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

  10. "thatmanIlove" --- MML!

    Popped in from the Boost Your Blog Valentine hop.

  11. I love your stories Janie Girl. Visiting from the Boost Your Blog. Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you and ThatMan have a wonderful day!

  12. So funny! Our cats have a way of getting into our favorite seats--or getting us out of them!

    Visiting from Boost My Blog Party--so nice to meet you and join your blog!

  13. I dropped by from the boost blog party. Cute pooch!

  14. that's one great dog!! I'm visiting from the blog party hop


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