Thursday, February 21, 2013

Help Me Make It Through the Day!!

Today, I have to:

  1.   Go get my allergy shots
  2.   Meet with my boss
  3.   Update the Permian Basin Oilfield Calendar
  4.   Finish my expenses
  5.   Update my ECRM Sales Force tool
  6.   Finish what’s needed for the National AADE Board        Meeting
  7.   Teach Trey how to do the AADE Chapter Report
  8.   Go to the cleaners and the bank
  9.   Make a reservation and go to dinner at 5 so we can get to the REO Speedwagon Concert in a timely fashion

But here's what I feel like doing, and it's not even 7 a.m…


  1. I've got one of those days, too- take some deep breaths and we'll make it through!

  2. You left out cleaning the house, doing a load of wash and fixing supper. Just an over-site, I know, but you do need to keep your girl card intact.

  3. Gives meaning to "Riding the Storm Out"


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