Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fruitfly Wonderdogs

One Sunday afternoon, I decided to sit on the back porch to blog and write in my journal.

I had been feeling funky (allergies were kicking my proverbial butt, and my real one, too!) but thought I just needed some “outside time.”

Out I went, in my pajamas.  I grabbed a blankie, my iPhone, my MacBook.  ThatManILove had brought me a chai tea latte.

I was set.

And then, something I read flung a craving upon me...for an orange.

I unwrap, pad into the kitchen, grab an orange.  Peel it.  

I look down.

Zack is drooling, Zanna looking all expectant.


I pad back to my chair.  Wrap all back up in my blankie.  Computer on my lap.  Get all set.

I look left of my chair, where I am so wonderfully ensconced.
Zack is drooling, Zanna looking all expectant.  Again.  What part of this did they not get?  Grrrrrrrr.

It turns out that they’re orange-tarians.

But at least they sit while they’re getting their treats.

I lost a full half of my orange to them.  My weirdo, fruitfly dogs.


  1. What cuties! Orangatarians or not, gotta love 'em!

  2. With faces like that, you can't help but share with them. And the did sit still...their way of saying 'Please.'

  3. Cute beggars..hope you feel better soon:)

  4. Our dogs do this for banana. One day years ago, Daniel was giving me 'the look' as I was peeling a banana. I gave him a little piece, and he's begged for banana ever since. Now, with Ruby in the family, she follows him and has learned that banana is a special treat and she wants one, too.

    Never thought to try oranges.


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