Friday, February 1, 2013

Open Sesame

ThatManILove cracks me up.

He’s a gourmet cook.

He can throw anything together and it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Seriously amazing.

See?  Like this.  Omelets...and fresh veggies.  Breakfast.  Yum.

I will hear beeping.

I know, without looking, what it might be,  but there’s this thing in me that makes me go look to see what is up.

The beeping is usually the sound that means the refrigerator is open.

Wide open.

Plus the fact that ThatManILove is cooking.  Simultaneously. With the refrigerator doors wide open.

Check it out.



Almost every top cabinet in the

It’s just how he does it.

He cracks me up.  He thinks it's funny that I think it's funny.

I love him.

By the way, breakfast was awesome...and awesomely healthy.



  1. Ha! That's how my husband cooks, too, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. You are one Lucky Woman Janie :-) and how sweet and funny

  3. Do you hire him out? What do you charge for his services?

    Glad you had a wonderful breakfast!

  4. Well, if all the doors are open he can easily get to things .

  5. From the title I first wondered why you were talking to a seed. Now I understand.

  6. I think blogger ate my comment so I will try again:

    That looks so good! My husband cooks the same way and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  7. YES!!! A man who cooks? I do the same thing with doors! They'll get closed someday!

  8. Rookie! I can leave every door / drawer / appliance in the kitchen open while making a simple bowl of cereal.

    It's not just a skill.

    It's another mutant power.

  9. Oh how funny, but there must be a method to his madness since all comes out tasty in the end. Love your floors!!!!


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