Saturday, February 23, 2013

You Can Pay Me Your Taxes, Okay?

Today, I went to our mailbox.

Since we’ve been traveling, GEEEEEEEZ MARIE, I had a ton of mail.

Thankfully, half of it belonged to someone else, so I had to turn it in for redistribution.

But there was this card in my mailbox.

This card that said I had not paid my property taxes.

And that this firm would take payments, at 9.9% interest.

It made me wonder...did I forget to pay the taxes?

I took a second. 

Called in.

Taxes?  Paid.


My next question?

How did they get my records?

And what if people don’t understand, and just start paying the bills, monthly?

I would be so mad.

I think this is unfair.  Not to mention, it wasted my time. It looks so official.  

But it's wrong.

Just saying.


  1. Yes, some of these companies are so nefarious and it's hard to imagine how they legally distribute things.

  2. I hate scammers. How do they sleep at night?

  3. I think property taxes may fall under public information and is likely published somewhere. But that would make me furious. Good that you checked.

  4. I agree. There are scam artist all over the place out there. When you get something like that, NO NOT send them any money. Send the money to me and I will handle it for you.


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