Saturday, February 16, 2013

Boots and Must Have Accessories - Part 2

I promised you in yesterday's post that there was a part two to the must-have Boot Accessories.

Well, peeps, here it is.

My very favorite boot accessory.

The Boot Shaper, by Austin Abbott.

I snagged these on Amazon for a mere ~$14 each, including shipping.  Just search "boot shaper"you'll find them. I ordered a couple of cases of them and gave them to some of my friends.  I'm all for functional (and cheap!!) gift giving!

These things are the freaking

They keep your boots upright, no matter how many miles you’ve walked.

They even have a hanger in them, if you’re blessed to have empty clothes rods.

Why Are You Looking Into My Boots?  STOP IT!!!
They are amazing, and help me keep my closets, well, if not totally organized, better organized!

Thought you’d love to see them.

They work on men’s cowboy boots, men’s knee high boots, okay, I’m gonna stop there.  And they definitely work on women's boots!

Here’s a good representation of, ummmm, yeah, part of the boots in my closet.  Some, more worn than others, but there ya go!

Go get ya some!  And...Save Your BOOTS!!


  1. I'm going to guess that the 2nd & 3rd are the most popular of the set.

  2. Wow, that's quite a collection of boots you got there.

  3. I currently own one pair of boots and it is flopped over in the closet. Perhaps I need to invest!


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