Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Choot 'Em - Like A Girl!!

Scanning the online news, I saw the headline How To Live Longer.

One of the sub-topics was “Don’t Be A Drama Queen” and you’ll live longer.

Who writes this stuff?

The article had some great points, though, for couples...

  1. Fight fair. (Bwahhahahahahaha. But I digress.)
  2. Women’s hearts suffer when they hear or make hostile comments.
  3. Men’s hearts reacted badly when confronted with domineering words.

Please note the article did not define a "Drama Queen" to be male or female.  (And baby, I’ve seen both!  Remember, I hang out a little bit with golfers, shooters, AND team ropers.  Grown-up ones! Whinier people I’ve never seen - but I won’t go there.  Oops.  Already did.)

Well, okay then.  I’ll make you a deal, honey darlin’, ThatManILove.  I won’t tell you what to do if you don’t get hostile.  Bueno?  I mean, I can't remember you ever getting hostile, but this is merely a preventative step.  

Agreed? Truce-amundo? Capiche?

If we ever get to the point where we can’t agree, then let’s at least agree to repair to the ol’ shooting range to settle things.  And you can even pick the shotgun shells, the date, time, and weather conditions. A duel, as it were.  Our shotguns are of the same quality and caliber, so it's a push there (even though I did win the Beretta Teknys, give it to you, then beg for it back when I started having major Browning Gold malfunctions.    But I’m NOT an indian giver - and you were so sweet to let me have it that day I shot 89/100.  Notice, I ran right to the gunsmith and he cut the stock down for a custom fit - for me! Have I told you lately that I love you?  And I love that 30" barrel?)  But, I digress, AGAIN.  Back to the case in point.

When and if we ever disagree and I admit, there is the rare occasion, let’s just take it to the sporting clay range.  Let’s work it out there.  Okay?  Then, you’ll be dominated without hostile words, and you’ll live longer.  Just pure-d talent will prevail.  And we’ll both take our aggression out on those little clay targets.

In other words, rope up, cowboy, and shoot like a girl.  Your girl!  And we'll both live longer.

Finish that project and hurry home.  ThatGirlYouLove misses you!



  1. Judy asked me the same thing. Why do you get hostel when you are confronted or questioned? It is a survival thing coming from being raised in an environment where you had to attack or be eaten. If you were ever run over once, you would become a door mat all the time. Now it is just second nature and I have to always be in the apologetic mood. I’m not violent anymore… to Judy or the kids or grandkids… but to another man… well, it’s good I am getting too old. As for drama, I refuse to be dramatic. I just stomp my feet and hold my breath. But I don’t whine…much.

  2. You sound like my kind of gal!

  3. They opened a new big clay range here in Vegas, where you walk between multiple stations where they throw the targets all different ways. It sounds awesome.


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