Friday, January 4, 2013

Life Bites

Last night, we went to dinner with friends to the Garlic Press, an upscale eatery not far from our house. Gary and Kim, ThatManILove and Janie.

The food was delicious.  The company, delightful.

Just to give you a little background, we entertain clients here almost exclusively.

We have an assigned waiter (through no negotiation on our part - we like him, he likes us) named Joey.

And Joey? Knows our drill.

We get the ticket, every time.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

Sometimes, I get out my credit card, and pass it to him.

We were having so much fun tonight, I missed doing that.

So, when Joey brought our ticket, he placed it between ThatManILove and Gary.

Immediately, a scrabble for the ticket ensued.

ThatManILove had his hand on it, and Gary had his hand on it.

Push, pull, push, pull, tug of war, and poof.  It was over before it started.

Gary ended up with it.

But mostly, because he tried to bite the hand of ThatManILove...who jerked his hand back, then looked at me in shock and said, “He almost bit my hand!  I felt his teeth graze my skin!”

I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while!

It’s never boring around here!


  1. Maybe he was still hungry? Step away, everyone! ;)

  2. We never have fights like that at the Waffle House. We see who can ignore the ticket the longest. We have been there for days.

  3. Can't leave your card on file, or start an account there to avoid things like this?
    On the first date with my now wife I picked a restaurant, went there in the afternoon, ordered all the food and paid (adding a good tip). So when we showed up she was impressed that food just started showing up, and even more impressed when we left without getting a bill. Perhaps you can have them take your card before the meal - go was up as soon as you sit down and give it to the waiter.
    Avoid broken skin.

  4. It's not easy being a gentleman these days. ;-)


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