Friday, January 25, 2013

Three Shovel Day

Someone left someone a letter the other day.  Both someones ended up laughing until they cried.
I had to cover up the logo on the bottom. ;)


  1. This is one for the ages. You should save and make it part of the legacy you pass down to your heirs. They will love it!

  2. a 'three shovel day' sounds like somebody is overfeeding.

  3. Shovelling "stuff" have very little appeal at all! (The voice of experience, here.) Although I'm sure your pair of Zs haven't caught on to that particular reality. They're dogs; they live for the moment!

  4. We have a dog, but live in a city. My partner walks Socks the dog in the morning, our daughter walks him when she gets home from school and I walk him in the evening. He is let out into the back yard during dinner and right before bedtime in case the need arises.

    The rule is that you take the pooper scooper and the proper disposable bag to use if needed. It pleases me very much that Socks prefers to take a morning dump rather than an evening one so I am rarely the one who deals with his um..product.


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