Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snoozy Saturday!

I don’t guess I can gripe about getting enough sleep last night.

ThatManILove came home with a respiratory infection.  I wonder where he got it?  Oh!  Right here at home. From me. And he still loves me.

He went by Outback, picked up dinner, we ate, and promptly laid down to go to sleep. I think I read for like 15 minutes before I crashed.

I woke up, 30 minutes later, and it was 8 p.m.

I think I must be getting old, because I went right back to sleep.

Anyway, now I’m awake.  It’s 2 a.m.  So, officially, I’ve had, what, 6 hours of sleep?

That is crazy.  Crazy good, for me.

I think I’m going back to sleep now.  I have quite a bit of stuff to slam down into the “done” pile for Saturday.

Good sleep will help me get that faded.

Have a great Saturday, people.  It’s gonna be a good, good day.

I promise.


  1. Yes, it will be a great day! Hope the both of you feel 100% better~

  2. Great minds think alike...we ate at Outback last night, too. And I was asleep in my chair 15 minutes after we returned home. But I was up at 11 and finished off the Blooming Onion from the doggie bag, blogged until 3 a.m. then went back to bed. I hope TMIL feels better soon. I am just now getting over the Bronchitis I had a few weeks ago. Just a nagging small cough. Just tell him to lay in bed, whine and enjoy the personal service and TLC...that I never got either.

  3. Sleep. I plan on napping today around 3:00.

    It's good to have goals on a Sunday like that.


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