Monday, January 14, 2013

Wherein We Have Failure To Communicate - Part 1

Friday morning, I went to the gym, then to the grocery store.

Our local HEB is amazing at 6:10 a.m.
The shelves are almost full, the stockers working furiously.

There is a special fresh asparagus I love, packaged.  I grabbed 6 packages, none to expire prior to 1/20/13.  YAY.  Score!

I come home, lug in three flats of water before ThatManILove, who is furiously working on a super major major project on his computer, even realizes it.  And the groceries, too.

TMIL:  Babe. I’m sorry.
Me:  No big!  I’m good.  

And I start unloading groceries, trying to be quiet.

I get to the asparagus.  And I just have to celebrate.

Me:  Babe.  I knocked it out of the park on this asparagus.

TMIL: (gets up from the table) Babe, I gotta talk to you.  I really cannot get distracted.  And your tone startled me! Why would you be upset at this time of the morning?? Please, I’m almost at the deadline, I’m really making headway andWhat?  Where are you going?

(About at the headway part, I actually stuck my fingers in my ears, turned around, and headed for the bedroom.)

(Oh, yes, I did.) (I'm like 10 years old or something.)

TMIL:  What’s going on?  Why would you have that tone this morning?  Are you okay?

Me:  Listen to me.  Let me tell the story from my perspective.

TMIL: What perspective?  I know exactly how this went down.

We are flat talking over each other.  He thinks he’s right.  I know I’m right (and therein, the mystery ends.  If it doesn’t, it should.  Ya know??).

We finally get quiet.

Me:  Yeah?  Wanna listen, then?  Let me paint you a picture.

He did decide to listen.  I talked.  He looked at me quizzically.

TMIL:  Seriously??  Babe?? That's what happened?

Me:  Seriously. Freaking asparagus.  I guess I needed to celebrate asparagus.

We laughed. 

I’m so proud of the work he’s doing on this project but hooooooly mooooooly it’s taking a lot out of him!

It’s never boring around here.


  1. Asparagus?? Really?? Now if it had been a sale on Bud Light or Diet Coke, maybe. But a weed? Oh Well! I'm happy for you.

  2. Oy -- closed captions during these conversations would be so helpful! Glad it all worked out. :)

  3. Sometimes a bird has to sing because it just found a worm. You had to sing cuz you found asparagus.

  4. Oh I love that I got to come here. Thank you for sharing these stories that make me smile!


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