Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Not Me, Honey, I Promise!

I was awakened this morning by the strangest sound.

Immediately, Zanna the Wonderdog was awakened and starts growling.

Next?  ThatManILove awakes.

“Jaannnnnniiiieeeeee. Please!” he scolds.

Me:  “What?”

Him:  “That noise!!!  Turn it off?  What is that?  What are you DOING?”

Me:  “’s not me. That sound is cats. And if I'm not mistaken, I believe they might bemating. Yeah, I think.”

Him:  “What? Are you serious?!!”

Me:  "Yes."  Unsaid: I know this because, one time when we were trying to call up coyotes, we used a soundtrack of that very thing to draw the varmints in.  Except it didn't work.  Because I was laughing too hard.  Coyote Hunting 101? Failed.

Zanna is barking in her kennel, going crazy.  I try to lay in bed, giving the cats, those wanton pets of some neighbor, the benefit of the doubt that they have heard Zanna barking...and subliminally, even while doing the dirty, know their lives might be in danger.

The cats finally cease their crazy howling and yowling.  I've bought them enough time that now, they’re probably kicked back on the windowsill, smoking a cigarette.

I wait about ten minutes longer, giving Zanna time to calm down.  I finally roll out of the sack, and let Zanna out to do her thing.

No cats. Thank God.

Morning drama?  Over.

I asked ThatManILove why he blamed me when he woke up.  He said, “I thought you were facebooking and happened upon some strange video.”  Ha!  I don’t think so, honey!!

It’s never boring around here.


  1. While the internets are full of cat videos, I don't think its THAT kind of videos.

  2. What kind of videos do you normally watch?

  3. Joe, not you, too! Thinking of me that way!! Hahaha!!!

  4. Well, you never know what you'll find on the internet, or sometimes out your own window! THANKS for the grin!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!

  5. Ah, girlie, thanks for dropping by!!


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