Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Another Vegetarian Post

This past Sunday, ThatManILove decided to make us omelets.

He had stopped by our local H.E.B. the night before to freshen our supply of veggies and fruits. We really are trying to eat better and make healthier choices.

(All in line with the dreaded diet, where’s he’s dropping weight like an anvil from a 30 story building, and I’m flat-lining the scale.  But, I digress.)

So, he comes in with these eggs.


People, seriously?

Vegetarian eggs?

Is that like vegetarian beef?

What the heck?

And then, he told me that, irregardless of the packaging, he swears the Horizon cattle are vegetarians, as well, so this Mexican cheese is all veggie cheese.  Okay, he did that tongue-in-cheek. He knows better.

Is this a marketing ploy?   If so, they’re probably raking in the bucks.

But you know, I’ve got just enough common sense and country in me to know that there are no vegetarian eggs.

Please, tell me, the average consumers aren’t that stupid.



  1. My partner gets huffy every couple of years and drops the five pounds that she gains. This takes her about two days. I have those same five pounds and no matter what I do, they are very, very attached to me and not going anywhere.

  2. hummmm I would argue this point but I haven't a clue. But, let me try..yes, there are fake eggs out there. kinda like chicken mcnuggets..not really sure what that is ...just fused together stuff. So, Yep..veggie eggs...What did I win??? that is the more important answer???

  3. Well, they say a sucker's born every minute...

    We are doing the juicing thing- vegetable juice two meals a day and a more regular one once a day.

    My older daughter is vegan and really enjoys it.

  4. Um, come on, you see the advertisements and what people buy. Of course they are.

  5. I can see eggs being vegetarian. We don't feed out chicken meat. The get grain and chopped up lettuce and stuff. The only time they wouldn't be is if there is a chick inside the egg.

  6. Make sure you eat your veggies. But make room for meat. The west wasn't won on salad!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  7. I used to be a rabid vegetarian and even grew my own bean sprouts and made my own yogurt.....til I ended up in the hospital with an intestinal blockage from undigested raw broccoli.


  8. Read "In Defense of Food!" The food industry will do and say all kind of things to get us to buy their product.

  9. I don't think half of the things that are "vegetarian" are vegetarian... it's almost like all the ridiculous kinds of milk... whole milk, 2% milk and I suppose skim milk I can say is relevant... but soy milk just sounds dumb and lactose intolerant milk, WTF is that...


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