Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You, Too, May Garner Wisdom As You Sleep

I woke up my husband last night, gently trying to pry the remote controls from his he lightly snored.

He looked at me.

“Babe.  Turn it off,” I said.  “You’re sleeping. And snoring.”

“What you don’t know, honey, and don’t understand,” said ThatManILove, “is that even while sleeping, I am still learning, from such shows as Storage Wars.  I listen in my sleep, and store up information in my brain.  And that’s what makes me such an intelligent man.”

I smiled at him, shaking my head.  He slyly smiled back at me, as he turned over on his side.

“And, Babe?  You don't have to tell anyone that’s why I’m so intelligent. They don’t need to know everything.”

He cracks me up. 

It’s never boring around here.


  1. Man's got skillz. That's right, with a "Z"!

  2. Wait. Doesn't everyone learn completely useless information through osmosis? I've been doing it for years, LOL. This is why I'm comfortable going with my *gut feelings* while watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"...

  3. Babies use pacifiers, women use pillows, men, we have to hold the remote while we sleep. It helps us feel in control and lets us change the dreams if we don't like them.


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