Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Finger's Going to Rot and Fall OFF!

This morning, while cooking breakfast, I grabbed the tongs.

Turned to the stove, and reached to transfer food to the plate.

Utilizing the tongs.

Which, somehow, had grabbed my fourth finger.

And, unmercifully, sucked it into the hinge of the tongs.

When I finally realized (yeah, I’m slow) what the heck was going down, I quickly released my own hands from the tong !@#$%%&^& contraption.

I thought I had cut my finger open and was going to have to drive to the Emergency Room, blood dripping all over my car.

It was horrible.

It hurt so badly.  Even now, it’s hard to hit the letters on the keyboard.

And then, I looked at it.  

Blood blister. 

No cut at all.

Teeny. Tiny.  And really, unremarkable.

Unless you’re desperately scrambling for blog fodder, because you've set a goal for your self to post daily...


  1. You could cut your finger off and still drive yourself to the ER. But a blood blister. Those thinks hurt like hell are require 911, paramedics, oxygen and cardiac paddles to get, at least me, to the hospital. Give me the big hurts anytime.

  2. And you going to lance it or leech it? Just beware the sparkling vampires.

  3. Well, hell. I saw your post title at my blog and ran over here with my first aid kit and all kinds of helpful suggestions at your service.

    Blood Blister. pffffft

    "cancel Stat Flight! She's gonna live."

  4. I would have done and thought the same thing--I'm sucha fragile little flower!! :-)

  5. I think you might want to consider a brief hospital stay;)

  6. I was expecting at the least a bulky bandage:)


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