Friday, January 18, 2013

Zanna the Wonderdog (Shredder)

Zanna’s been at it again.

Shredding, that is.

Not on a skateboard, as you might think.

The spotted wondergirl loves to shred anything ThatManILove.  She loves his smell, and attacks his clothes thatmighthavebeenleftlayingaround at the first chance she gets.

This time, one of his favorite sleeping shirts met its demise.

And somehow, it got laundered and hung up anyway.  It doesn't matter how gaping the hole. It's a shirt, so it must be hung up.   Don’t ask.   


  1. Hah! It looks like he's been attacked by a shark!!

  2. So he has a ventilation hole now. It's still a good shirt to sleep in. Just make sure you help him with it if he is drunk. He might get the neck and the hole confused and drive himself crazy trying to get his arms to fit in the sleeves.

  3. Just Zanna's way of showing her love- too funny! My first time to visit and I enjoy your blog~

  4. Take a piece of Zanna's bed, or favorite blankey, and make a patch for that poor man's shirt!

  5. I think they sell some spray on late night infomercials that will cover that bald spot.


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