Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Needs Her Sleep

Monday evening, ThatManILove arrived home from a weekend retreat.

I picked him up, and we went to Outback to eat, and run some errands.  

When we got home, we got ready for bed, talked, and I started trying to go to sleep.  He was playing some gambling game on his iPad, and laughing at his fellow gamblers, trashtalking.

It was cute and I got a little tickled, listening to him as he told me what they were all saying.

And then, my OTC sleep meds kicked in.  And if I get past that “go to sleep” threshold, I won’t sleep all night.

He was trying to be quiet, but they were pretty funny.

Me:  Babe, please let me sleep.  I’ve not been sleeping well since you’ve been gone, and what with 5 a.m. workouts, I’m exhausted.

Him: Sorry, babe.  I know.  (and then...Giggle. Snort.)

Me:  I do have a glass of water over here, I’m not afraid to use it.  

Him:  (Laughing) I’ll be good, and quiet, I promise.

I’m asleep, and I’m awakened by ThatManILove, again.  This time, he has gone into the kitchen for something, and made some noise.

Me:  Baaaaaaaabe.  Please?

He gets Him:  Oh, babe, I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize you were asleep yet. (as he pats my arm)

Me:  Will you scoot over here beside me?  I'm cold.

He does.  Well, his foot does, and he's trying to tickle me with it and not lose his place in his game.  I get more aggravated with him.

Him:  I'm sorry, babe, I'll quit.

And then, he does it again.

Really?  Really, Big Boy?  

I grabbed that tall glass of water, and dumped it on him.

He screamed in shock!  And then, we both dissolved into laughter. (I know.  I'm brave, aren't I?)

Me: I warned you!

Him:  That’s cold! Babe, I told you I was sorry! (he’s laughing, trying to move wet covers.  Soooo glad he's laughing! Looking back, I still can’t believe I did it!)

It’s never boring around here!


  1. You really ARE brave, and you have a great sense of humor too!!

  2. Exactly why we have separate sleeping quarters...



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